01 November 2011

Only Bite You Forever!

Too Funny.

So, apparently, having an emotional breakdown on God has the same effect as having an emotional breakdown on any man. He steps up His game.

Last night was Halloween, as I'm sure you're all aware. I cried over a box of donuts and apple cider. It's like my grandma left a HUGE hole in my life. Not saying that the way we're working the traditions isn't a great thing. Just saying that sometimes, you see the things she used to do and she's not there doing them, and you just lose it. And, you start crying. And then, you start praying. And then, you breakdown emotionally, and God does what any man would do when faced with a sobbing girl: He tries to fix it. (Ever notice the panicked look in a man's eye when you start crying? Hilarious, when you think about it.)

So enter today and ridiculousness ensues.

Friends popped out of the woodwork and started saying "let's get together and do something*!"

Some start by posting on Facebook an innocent comment, with an innocent request to get together and chat. And then chaos ensues, with not-so-random name dropping and planning. (it's all on Facebook, if you want to see it.)

Then you tell your work friend about the "something" and she says "romance in the work place rears its head once again." And you say, "planning the marriage; we like the idea of 6/6/12." Because that? is ridiculous at it's core.

And that, is my life. My week went from dull and lifeless to one big mess of things to do and places to go.

So crying is just as effective on God as it is on the mortal variety of man**.

*Doesn't this movie look beyond ridiculous?! Holy hijinks, Batman!

**Though, I would imagine this is more Heavenly Mother's doing. She probably hit Him and said "you do something now, or I will...and YOU won't like WHAT I DO."

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