13 April 2010

And now the moment you've all been waiting for

So, I don't understand the love of random.org. I put in the numbers and kept getting "7" as the response. I did this 10 times. Just so you guys don't think there was any rigging involved, I have decided to be transparent.

I went through the comments and labeled y'all 1-6. I had promised Karen, that she would be on the list as well...since her story started all this. She was #7.

Guess who won?


That's right, Karen won this competition a total of 10 times. I don't think random.org's random number generator is completely random. Though the 11th time I did this #2 won. She's my sister and I decided that I was giving up at this point and Karen was clearly the winner.

Maybe the Universe is just trying to make up for that horrible date?

Well, Karen...email me and I'll get you your CDs.


Cynthia said...

meh....I get the CD's whenever your create new ones anyway :o)

Joe said...

You mean I missed out on getting bootleg CDs? Darn.

Karen Ella said...

YAY!!!!! Thank you! Can't wait. Though...I may have to, as I have a final and a final paper due this week. :)

Erin said...

Oh, I think Karen DESERVES the CDs.

Redoubt said...

But you see, that IS true randomness. Every number is picked, unaffected and regardless of any of the number preceding it. The human mind wants to correlated "random" with "evenly spaced out," but they are not the same at all. You want to assign meaning to the fact that the same number was chosen 10 times in a row, but there's no meaning; it's chaotic. They are completely distinct events and any meaning is assigned by human observation, not the events themselves. Like Rosencrantz flipping a coins and getting heads every single time.