06 April 2010

Music and Life

Music is very important to me. To be sure, you don't develop a fan-crush without loving music. So it's not surprising, that I associate certain music with certain people/times in my life.

Murdock = jazz. I don't know why. But he does.

Roommate (Kalliope) = death metal/Green Day

Ex-BF (and that whole time) = "dirty hippie" music

Spring = Dear Prudence by The Beatles

Summer = Maroon 5

And so on. Music is important and each style reminds me of someone or some place. And each person can make me think of a song or artist that they seem to be represented by.

Also: anytime I wear the flowers my sister made for me...I get the lyrics to San Fransisco stuck in my head.


Taren said...

you forgot: taren = miley cyrus

Xan said...

Nope, I purposely didn't mention that one, because it's my secret shame.

You did not convert me to the Jo-Bros (that sounds so gay, btw) thankfully.