22 April 2010


Except not. I hope you weren't all excited that I was announcing something. I'm sorry, I'm not.

Sadly...for you!

For me, I get to talk about how amazing ducks are. (I'm not really sure if they're amazing...but the url made me do it...or makes...)

Unlike lobsters, ducks do not mate for life. These two ducks just happen to be together, eating right now...but not for long. See, once she's laid her eggs, he'll leave her. Until the next year, at which point she'll probably end up with a different male duck. And so the process goes.

There are some really horrifying things out there about ducks. But, it is the "wild" kingdom after all...and we can't expect these animals to act civilized all the time. Thankfully, they don't have the same cognitive skills we do...so we can be glad of that.

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Amy said...

So I was at this party the other day with gourmet hot dogs, and when the guy behind us in line was ordering his dog, the server mentioned that they had a duck brat. I said, "Get the DUCK!" and it instantly reminded me of you and this blog. And now, I will always think of delicious hot dogs when I read this.