07 April 2010

Like Getting Rick Rolled...only WORSE

Today I was Britney Speared. Yep, my good friend gromit said "No it is entirely by mistake. Oops! I did it again..." in response to my accusation that they were liking my forum posts on purpose. Now, I like having people "like" what I say. But I had pointed out earlier that I had given 61 likes and received 61 likes. I had matching numbers. She, of course, liked my comment...putting me out of balance. Then more people started. And so I accused them of "liking my comments on purpose" and that was gromit's response.

Then she quoted herself and posted a link. I should have known better. Suddenly, I was assaulted by Britney's music video.

I was Britney Speared.

This is the part of the story where I admit, that I know every word to that song. And actually enjoyed it. I am ashamed. I did not enjoy being Britney Speared today. It brought up my shame and it's like I'm 17 again and the shame is all too real.

On a happier note (and as an apology for everyone that will follow the link and watch Britney) remember when The President was Rick Rolled?

I do.

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Newt said...

Ha ha ha... I remember when that happened.