01 April 2010

My Last Will and Testament....

As I'm sharing some happy news with my sister, she says "If you die because of this, just make sure it is in the will that Greg gets your car...and I get your shoes."

She's a gem, that one. So to ensure, that should I die, my wishes are met...here is my "Last Will and Testament" as dictated between my sister and me.

Me: Thanks. And my clothes go to? My books? Movies? Music?

TheSister: Clothes for Jenn. Books to Kristie.

Me: Anything else I'm missing?

TS: Movies and music should be split up amongst us all.

Me: How? That might be hard. would Greg get the laptop too?

TS: Yes, please. Oh, and I get the desk.

Me: Um, no. Dad gets that back.

TS: With music and movies, make a list of people in order of picking and let everyone pick one each, as we go through the list. Until they're gone.

Me: Can't I divide by genre? Or something? Mom gets the musicals, Dad the action, something like that?

TS: Would work.

Me: But that might be considered an unfair division. (You'd for sure get all my 80s movies...or Kristie.) Yeah, let's just do the picking order list thing. Ladies first, by age...then boys, by age. Nephews/niece included.

TS: Good because you have some Disney that the boys would want. (Or she wants for the boys, but we'll let her believe that the boys want them...)

Me: Right, and I don't want you to feel you have to give up your choice to the kids. Plus, this means you and Greg will be top of all the lists since he's the oldest boy...and you're the oldest girl. Plus, oldest male grandchild.

TS: Hey, fair is fair.

Me: It just worked out that way. I'm going to blog about this, I hope you know. That'll totally make it legal.


TheRoommate gets my kitchen stuff, with the understanding that anything she doesn't need/want is given to my family to divide as they will.

Picking order:
Dad (I know he's not a girl, but he IS the ultimate oldest...that counts for something)
TheRoommate (she needs in a few rounds, I have movies/music/books she'd love)
Sis-in-Law #1
Jenn (see note above)
Sis-in-Law #2

There you go!


Motion DeSmiths said...

Unfortunately it's unenforceable without signatures from you and two witnesses. Might want it notarized too :)

Look up a holographic will. That might be more your style.

Kalliope said...

Also, why don't your Asian cousins get a go if your African-American cousins do? Asian-hater!

Xan said...

1. They don't do DVDs...and there is an extreme lack of book reading there too. And CDs are so passe. They wouldn't want.

Joseph can have my external hard drive?

Kristie said...

Hey, Hey watch what you have to say about the African-American cousins, I do believe they are only on the list because their mom is the "Greatest" Aunt ever.