20 April 2010

Life is The Suck

Well, BYU has done it again...and it's not really anyone's fault. But...my life is still inconvenienced by them again.

I was planning on defending my thesis on July 2. However, time lines have changed today because I would have to have all changes made/approved by July 6. This is a newer deadline that just got handed down. No one saw it coming.

This means all my previous deadlines are now bumped up a week. Yep. Lucky me. Well, that gives me 5 weeks to write the thing. Think I can do it? I don't. I honestly don't.


In other news...I looked hot when Murdock saw me last night...though that doesn't mean a whole lot.

We'll see.


Karen Ella said...

Whatev, dude. Yes. We CAN do it. We have to. I'm in the same boat, and yes, felt the same way when that lovely email came sailing through....but we can do it. Promise.

Taren said...

does one week make that big of a difference? really? (coming from someone who never plans on defending a thesis. ever.)


Redoubt said...

It doesn't matter a whole lot because you always look hot.